About the mod:

When this mod is complete you will be able to fire your cap gun regular (just to make the sound) or to shoot bbs and make the firing sound.

Plastic Revolver Cap Gun
  1. A cap gun revolver (needs to have: 1: holes in front of the spinning barrels big enough to hold bbs 2: needs to be either plastic or have a barrel that's not covered up 3: needs to have a hollow barrel big enough for a bb to travel through)
  1. A hacksaw/drill/sharp knife
  1. Caps
  1. Some bbs (6mm for most guns, they also work best if they are tough plastic and .12 grams)


If your gun has a piece of plastic covering up the front of the barrel, use the drill, the hack saw, or the knife, to cut the tip of the gun off/drill a hole through it. The bb should be able to fly through smoothly.


Load the cap gun regularly then put the bbs in the front of the barrels. Fire away!

(Remember: Never shoot at someone who has no eye protection and never shoot at a surface that the bb may bounce off of.)