THUNDER STORM is a battery-powered, fully automatic (hold the trigger down for continuous water blasting) water gun that is compatible with any Supersoaker or N-Strike sights, stocks, and shields. It uses a water clip that is compatible with some other Supersoaker gun's clips and shoots 25 feet.

ELECTROSTORM is a small gun that shoot up to 20 feet.

HYDRO FURY is a small pump-up "pistol" that shoots 15 feet.

POINT BREAK is a large pistol-sized water gun that needs to be pumped. It shoots 15 feet.

SCATTER BLAST is a shotgun-like water gun that's pump-action with 5 barrels, a flip-up front sight, and a top rail.

HYDRO CANNON is a giant pump-up water gun that shoots 35 feet, has a rail, and comes with a clear shield.

TORNADO STRIKE is an assault rifle-like watergun that shoots 20 feet with 1 pump. It has a spinning barrel, a top rail, uses and comes with a water clip, and uses any N-Strike/Supersoaker stock, and also comes with an adjustable stock.

RATTLER shoots 25 feet with every pump.

BOTTLE BLITZ is a 25-foot shooting blaster that fires one shot with every pump. It can use the tank that comes with it, or almost any plastic water bottle for quickly reloading.

SHOT BLAST is a gigantic pump-action water gun that shoots 25 feet and has a rail and stock attachment. It comes with an adjustable stock. (stock is compatible with any other Nerf gun that has a stock attachment, and any other Nerf stock can be used with this gun).